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The City Bog Expo Museo Hotel is located in the Teusaquillo neighborhood near the International Center of Bogota, close to the Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park and 1.5 km from La Candelaria.


About Us

The City Bog Expo Museo Hotel, located in the heart of Bogotá's Teusaquillo neighborhood in the international center of Bogota, offers a unique experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the city's cultural richness. Its proximity to the Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park, just 1.5 km from the historic Candelaria and 0.6 km from the National Museum, makes it the ideal starting point for exploring the cultural and natural treasures of Bogota. This hotel stands out not only for its strategic location, but also for its commitment to providing exceptional 24-hour service, ensuring the comfort and safety of its guests at all times.

The hotel's rooms, decorated with elegant mahogany wood and brightly colored bedding, offer a cozy and peaceful retreat after a day of exploring the city. The combination of the warmth of wood and color accents creates a cozy atmosphere that invites rest and relaxation. This balance between functionality, comfort and aesthetics makes the City Bog Expo Museo Hotel the perfect choice for those looking to experience Bogotá from a privileged location, without giving up the comfort and warmth of a home away from home.

It has a restaurant where you can enjoy our breakfast service from 06.30am to 09.30am, you can spend a pleasant time with friends or family.

Our lounge is near the hotel reception and has public restrooms, has a maximum capacity for 30 people depending on the required assembly. Give shine to your conferences with the right audiovisual equipment with wireless Internet access, cable, and video beam. We offer food and beverage services, waiters and everything you need to make your meetings a success. Our meeting experts make sure you have a unique experience. Prepare your next academic, social and corporate meetings. We are waiting for you!

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